The Warriors have surpassed 10,00 full-season tickets sold for the upcoming season.

Why is this significant?

In NBA season ticket sales, it’s a very big number. In fact, the Warriors are one of only nine teams in the NBA to achieve that mark for the 2012-13 season.

As impressive as this achievement is, it’s also no surprise to anyone who pays attention to this sport.

It’s no revelation to Warriors fans that they are arguably the most loyal fan base in the NBA. Golden State has been to the playoffs once in the past 18 years and their last playoff trip was five seasons ago. Yet the fans continue to pack Oracle Arena, whether the team is contending for the playoffs or the lottery.

Last season, the Warriors averaged 18,858 fans per game, the third-highest attendance average in team history. That was good enough to rank 10th in the NBA in average attendance. Furthermore, the Warriors have averaged more than 18,000 fans per night for seven consecutive seasons. Only the Bulls, Mavericks, Lakers, Spurs, Knicks and Jazz can claim the same. Considering the collective talent and success of those teams (excluding maybe the Knicks), the Warriors’ success in filling Oracle Arena is truly impressive.

The best part about this news is that this season, the Warriors might give their loyal fans a greater reason to cheer. This team is well-constructed, filled with talent and position efficiency. The Warriors seem like a guarantee to at least contend for the playoffs. This fan base deserves it.

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