The Warriors are 1-1 this season. They looked better than the final score indicated in the first game of the season, a loss to the Clippers. They surprised Derrick Rose and the Bulls in a win in Game 2. Now, without Stephen Curry, the Warriors face the New York Knicks.

It’s a tough task because the Knicks are talented and have size that could cause problems for the Warriors. But … if the Warriors pull off the win tonight, what does that mean? Are the Warriors a contender for a playoff spot? The West seems wide open. The Lakers are struggling. The Mavericks look even worse. The Grizzlies are 0-2.

Conversely, if the Warriors lose tonight, what does that mean? It doesn’t seem like a loss would mean as much to the Warriors’ chances of competing this season as a win. If the Warriors lose, you can look at the absence of Stephen Curry (let’s hope this doesn’t become a recurring problem this season) and call it an expected result. A win would mean this Warriors team, with offense in the starting five and defense off the bench, could be better than everyone thinks.

We’ll see. Post your thoughts now during the game. I’ll try and check in with my thoughts later.

— Jared Cowley, The Press Democrat

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