Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is at it again. He reported this morning that Warriors restricted free agent Anthony Morrow is drawing interest from at least six teams. Here’s the tweet:

G-State restricted free agent Anthony Morrow has slew of interest, including Spurs, Celtics, Lakers, Blazers, Clips and Jazz, sources say.

Shooting is a premium skill in the NBA, which is why Morrow has so many teams interested in his services. Considering he’s a restricted free agent, if any of the interested teams decide to offer him a contract, the Warriors will have seven days to match the offer.

At what price would you let Morrow walk? I’m not sure what other teams would offer him. He’s fairly one-dimensional so I would be surprised if he gets the full midlevel exception. I would think we’re looking at multi-year deals starting at $3 million or so. Would you want the Warriors to match at that price, something in the neighborhood of four years at $12 million? What if the price goes higher than that? How much is too much for Morrow?

Wojnarowski is also reporting that power forward Channing Frye has a five-year, $25 million offer on the table from the Phoenix Suns, but is waiting to see what the Knicks and Bulls do after the big free agents make their decisions. If you thought Frye was a nice fit for the Warriors, you’ll have to come to terms with giving him a long-term deal worth at least $5 million per season, which would mean using the majority of your midlevel exception on Frye. Is that too much for him?