You must give credit to the Warriors for a well-played game. They were very impressive in sticking to the game plan of attacking the Knicks’ lack of interior defense. They moved the ball and drove all the way to the basket time after time. It was an inspired performance and the Warriors really deserve some credit. The Knicks are horrible, but the Warriors must take any positive news available right now.

Stephen Jackson also played very well, and hopefully he can understand that if he really wants out of Golden State, he has to take it on himself to play hard, play well and act like a professional after the game with the media. It’s really on him. The Warriors can’t trade him if nobody wants him. If Jackson can put together a string of good games and say all the right things with the media, he’ll make himself more attractive to possible suitors. Make it happen, Jax!

Here’s the box score from the game.

Here’s the recap from the Associated Press.

Here’s the play-by-play.