Hornets Suns BasketballThe NBA’s first coaching change is underway, as the New Orleans Hornets have responded to a 3-6 start by firing 2008 NBA Coach of the Year Byron Scott.

Here’s the article about the move on ESPN.com.

Scott has always seemed like one of the NBA’s best young coaches to me. I know the Hornets’ 3-6 record is disappointing, but I wouldn’t tag Scott for the blame. The Hornets won 56 games two seasons ago and 49 last season (they were hit with injuries). And the team is playing poorly right now, but it’s so early in the season, it seems like a hasty reaction.

It makes me wonder if there was something else to this. Had Scott lost his players? Had he fallen out of favor with Chris Paul, perhaps? Because I get the impression Hornets management would do anything to make Paul happy. If Paul thought they needed to go in a different direction than Scott was taking them, the Hornets would side with him.

Hornets general manager Jeff Bower will replace Scott as head coach and the team is bringing back Tim Floyd as an assistant. I don’t know if the Hornets will look for a new head coach or stick with their GM, but if they do open the search, you’d think there will be a lot of candidates to coach Paul, David West, Emeka Okafor and the rest of the Hornets.

One-word reaction to this news: surprise.

Spinning this story to include the Warriors: if you could have your choice, who would you rather coach the Warriors, Don Nelson or Byron Scott? I don’t know if Scott would be interested in the Warriors’ mess right now, but it’s food for thought.