Game 7
At Indiana Pacers (2-3)

Today, 4 p.m., CSN Bay Area

Today’s game in Indiana begins a difficult seven-day, five-game road trip for the Warriors. By the end of this trip, we’ll know a lot more about this Warriors team and whether they will be able to compete this season. A lot of times, when a team is young and has talent, the first road trip of the season can serve as a chance to come together and build chemistry. You’re away from all the other distractions at home and can focus on just your teammates and the games. It would be nice to see the Warriors win a couple of the first three games of this trip, because I think that would go a long way toward healing some of the tension that exists on this roster.

Here’s a look at the next five games:

Today, at Indiana Pacers (2-3)

Friday, at New York Knicks (1-7)

Saturday, at Milwaukee Bucks (3-2)

Tuesday, at Cleveland Cavaliers (4-3)

Wednesday, at Boston Celtics (7-1)

I don’t see wins in the last two games, and that’s not a knock on the Warriors. But between now and Saturday, if the Warriors could go 2-1 or even 3-0, it would give this season an entirely new perspective. To do so, the Warriors have to play smart basketball, try and push out that pressure defense, do their best to minimize the rebounding disadvantage, and share the ball and make shots.

Here’s a look at the Associated Press preview for today’s game, which talks about the Warriors’ need to build on Monday’s win with a successful start to this road trip.

Here’s a detailed statistical analysis of the two teams.

UPDATE: Stephen Curry will not start today against the Pacers. Monta Ellis is moving to point guard and Anthony Morrow will start at shooting guard. Can Ellis play the point effectively? Can Morrow handle the pressure of starting, and with that slight frame, can he guard the opposing shooting guard? It will be interesting to see.