Stephen Jackson wants out.

The Warriors want him gone.

Even his teammates are tired of his act.

If you haven’t read Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears’ report about the Warriors, go read it now.

The following excerpt from his article tells you pretty much everything you need to know:

Even on a night when the Warriors beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 146-105 while scoring their most points in 15 years, two Golden State players told Yahoo! Sports on Monday that the team’s play – and overall morale – won’t truly improve until Jackson is gone. Jackson first declared in August he wanted the Warriors to trade him, and his impending departure has become one of a handful of issues hanging over the team. “The Jax situation is a constant distraction,” one Warrior said. “Once they trade him,” another player said, “it will clear up a lot of things.”

Spears also reports that Jackson claims 10 teams have expressed interest in him, and some NBA sources have told Spears the Warriors are optimistic a deal can happen in the next few weeks.

So, which players do you think spoke off the record with Spears?