Memphis could tire late because their starters play too many minutes. The Grizzlies have no depth. This game can be won in the fourth quarter if the Warriors haven’t already pulled away.

The Warriors should get a lot of open looks tonight and should score a lot of points in transition. The Grizzlies might be the worst defensive team in the NBA.

I want to see the Warriors close out on 3-point shooters. It’s not a matter of ability, it’s a matter of effort. I want to see that extra push.

I’d like to see at least 3 or 4 isolation plays called for Stephen Curry tonight. Curry was an excellent scorer in college, and a lot of his offense came on iso. Let him try and break down the Grizzlies guards and either score, get fouled or find an open teammate. If the majority of his offense is as a spot-up shooter, he’s not being utilized correctly.

I think it’s important that Monta Ellis avoids getting into a personal scoring contest against O.J. Mayo. Monta needs to stay in control and stick to the offensive plan. Also, I’ve read about Ellis wanting to prove himself on the defensive end this season. A matchup against Mayo seems like a good opportunity.

I’ve said it a lot leading up to this game, but rebound, rebound, rebound. The Warriors really have to work hard at boxing out their man on every possession. If Stephen Jackson can keep Zach Randolph off the offensive boards, I think Jackson wins that matchup.

Andris Biedrins has been quiet this season. Against a very good, underrated center in the Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol, I’d like to see a breakout game for Biedrins. Stay out of foul trouble, rebound like crazy and be the last line of defense (blocks!)

I wonder what Iverson will do tonight. Iverson’s unhappy and if he comes out trying to make a point, he could shoot the Grizzlies right out of this game. He could also get hot and beat the Warriors, so we’ll see.