Anthony Tolliver, the forward who went from the NBDL to an effective starter for the Warriors late last season, has decided to leave Golden State and sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

You might feel tempted to curse him with any number of¬†frustrated rants. Here’s a few you could use:

A. He can’t leave the Warriors! They gave him his chance!

B. Good luck, jerk! The T’wolves are the laughing stock of the NBA!

C. Whatever! We didn’t want you anyway!

But, I think that even the biggest Anthony Tolliver fan will have a hard time staying mad at the one who got away after seeing this youtube video in which Tolliver mocks LeBron’s “Decision” to announce his choice. Tolliver even names his 1-minute interview “The Decision . . . Part Deux!”

Check it out.

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