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Tyreke Evans … first the speeding fiasco, now this?

Tyreke Evans: fantastic basketball player, deserving Rookie of the Year, hope of the Sacramento Kings … offseason media trap. First, Evans pulled a classic “I’m-too-young-to-handle-this-much-money-and-fame” move with his speeding fiasco, when he was caught on video weaving through traffic at speeds as high as 130 miles per hour. Evans’ explanation after the fact? He said he didn’t think he was driving that fast. That strains the bounds of plausability. Now, Evans has been caught on video again. Granted, this is… Read More »

Breaking down the Warriors’ schedule

The NBA released the regular-season schedules for every team in the NBA on Tuesday. The Warriors open at home against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, Oct. 27 at 7:30 p.m. Then they go on the road and never come home. Or at least it seems that way with how many road games dot the first couple months of the season. The Warriors actually play four of their first five games at home. After that, Golden State has a brutal stretch in which it will… Read More »

Trading Monta Ellis: Part 2

In Friday’s entry, we explored the possibility that the new ownership of the Warriors might want to trade Monta Ellis. We then looked at the kind of teams that would be most interested in acquiring Ellis and the kind of pieces the Warriors would want back in a trade. Remember, this isn’t so much a debate about whether Ellis should be traded. We don’t know how the new owners feel, but if they want to part with Ellis, there isn’t… Read More »

Tyreke Evans cited for driving 100 mph

I share this news with you only because we followed Kings guard Tyreke Evans’ rookie season with interest, because of the connection to Warriors guard Stephen Curry in the race for Rookie of the Year. Evans was cited for reckless driving Monday after he was clocked driving more than 100 mph on a California highway. The most interesting part of the news is that police officers drew their guns and ordered Evans and his passenger out of the car because… Read More »

One last argument for Curry

While I support Tyreke Evans’ win in the Rookie of the Year race, I just wanted to clarify my position and explain one final time why I think Curry was the better rookie and should have won the award. If you look at Evans’ stats, they are indeed impressive. There is nothing you can really say to take away from the stats. There are some reports that Evans is selfish and focused on his stats the final few months of… Read More »

Curry: Evans deserves Rookie of the Year

Stephen Curry responded to finishing second in the Rookie of the Year voting with a statement released from his hometown of Charlotte: “Congrats to Tyreke for winning Rookie of the Year. There’s no doubt he deserves it. For me to have been in the conversation all year and to finish second means a lot and is a great start to hopefully a successful career.” That’s good perspective from Curry. He had a great rookie season, but he needs to work… Read More »

Curry finishes second in ROY voting

There were some rumors I heard that the ROY voting was nearly a tie, with the Kings’ Tyreke Evans beating the Warriors’ Stephen Curry by only a few votes. It turns out that was just a rumor. The voting was close, but Evans was the clear-cut winner. Here are the results (5 points for first place, 3 points for second, 1 point for third): 1. Tyreke Evans, 67 first, 50 second, 6 third = 491 points 2. Stephen Curry, 43… Read More »

Report: Evans voted Rookie of the Year

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee is reporting that Kings guard Tyreke Evans has been voted Rookie of the Year, according to three sources. Evans, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings were the three most qualified candidates for the award. The official announcement is expected Thursday. It will be interesting to see how close the race was between Evans and Curry. I have written a lot about Curry this season and I think he… Read More »

Curry, Warriors end with a bang

Well, you can’t blame Stephen Curry if voters don’t name him Rookie of the Year. He certainly has done everything possible to demonstrate that he is the NBA’s most talented rookie, including a sparkling performance in the regular-season finale against the Blazers (42 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, 1 block). I was listening to ESPN radio on the way home from work last night and they were talking about the NBA’s different awards. After about a minute of… Read More »