Mixed emotions about season-opening win

I have mixed emotions about the Warriors' season-opening 132-128 win against the Houston Rockets. Emotion No. 1: Relieved I'm glad the Warriors got a win. The Rockets are a good team, even though they were playing the second night of a back-to-back and without Yao Ming. The Warriors had no excuses [...]

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Warriors get a B for offseason moves

ESPN's Chad Ford graded the offseason moves for all the NBA teams and the Warriors stacked up well in the West. The team ranked fifth among the 15 teams in the West and were awarded a B. It's little surprise that the primary justification for the high grade was the [...]

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Trading Monta Ellis: Part 2

In Friday's entry, we explored the possibility that the new ownership of the Warriors might want to trade Monta Ellis. We then looked at the kind of teams that would be most interested in acquiring Ellis and the kind of pieces the Warriors would want back in a trade. Remember, [...]

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Crazy trade idea: Yao to Warriors

Bill Simmons, ESPN's "Sports Guy," is having some fun putting together three- and four-team trade ideas centered around Chris Paul and is posted them to his twitter feed. First of all, Simmons has to have the funnest job in the world. Second of all, one of his trade proposals involves [...]

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Thoughts on the sale, Lee, Wright and more …

I've been on vacation for the past week, attending a family wedding, and was unable to find any free time to put together anything of worth regarding the vast amount of Warriors news that has broken during that time frame. I have a lot to catch up on. In order [...]

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If Chris Paul is available …

If you haven't seen the news that came out yesterday, ESPN's Chad Ford dropped some fascinating information regarding Hornets superstar point guard Chris Paul. Ford reported that the Portland Trail Blazers were close to a deal with the Hornets before the draft that would have brought them Paul. Here's what Ford wrote: According [...]

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Summer league roster, schedule unveiled

The Warriors released all the pertinent information about this year's summer league team, including the complete roster and schedule. Here's the roster: Guards Will Blalock, Iowa State Brian Chase, Virginia Tech Jason Rich, Florida State Kashif Watson, Idaho Jeremy Wise, Southern Mississippi Forwards Andre Brown, DePaul Joe Ingles, Australia Kasib [...]

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What if the Warriors had traded for Stoudemire?

Do you remember last summer, when the Warriors backed away from a deal that involved Suns all-star power forward Amar'e Stoudemire? The Suns and Warriors had a deal on the table during last summer's draft that would have sent Stephen Curry, Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright and Marco Belinelli [...]

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Nelson: Warriors ‘a very difficult team to coach’

Often, when a team goes on the road, it’s a chance for players to band together, for a team to develop some chemistry. But for a dysfunctional squad like the Warriors, the lonely road has only served to intensify the team's discord. Yesterday, Monta Ellis blew up at coach Don [...]

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