Could Phil Jackson show up in the Bay Area for his next coaching gig?

On Wednesday’s “Thundering Herd with Colin Cowherd” radio show, ESPN NBA writer Ric Bucher speculated that if Phil Jackson were to return to the NBA in the future after he retires following this season, he would be most tempted by two locales — New York and the Bay Area.

Listen to the podcast here.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation between Cowherd and Bucher:

Bucher: What I’ve heard is, Phil has told the Lakers — and they finally believe, they kept convincing him, you’ll come back, you’ll come back — and they really believe he’s done now. I could see him resurfacing, but I wonder whether it would be — and all my friends in the Bay Area are gonna go, “no, how can you say this?”

Cowherd: Oh, come on, the Warriors?!?!

Bucher: That’s where all his kids are. And I just wonder if he’ll get to a point now where, look, he’s accomplished everything you can accomplish. Either New York or the Bay Area. Just keep it in mind.

Cowherd: I’m not …

Bucher: I don’t know that we’ve seen, I will agree with you on this, I don’t know that we’ve seen the last of Phil Jackson.

Cowherd: If you live in Playa del Rey, you’re not going to New York.

My take: Seems far-fetched, but Bucher has very good sources. I can’t imagine this happening, but I didn’t think he’d ever come back and coach Kobe again either.