This might be the shortest blog entry I’ve ever posted, but I wanted to put a couple things out there.

One, the Warriors have a real shot at starting the season 2-0. That would be nice. The Clippers are a mediocre team at best right now. Maybe I’m wrong, because that team certainly has talent. But they wilted down the stretch against the Blazers the other night. They looked overmatched, lacked cohesion and suffered from a void of leadership (where have you gone, Baron Davis?). The Warriors, especially on their home court, should take care of business against the Clippers.

Two, watch Blake Griffin. Train your eyes to him and only him when the Clippers have the ball on offense. Enjoy the show. This rookie play so hard and is so athletic, he’s a joy to watch. After watching him against the Blazers the other night, I told a colleague I might consider putting him in the very small list of “players I’d pay to see” (who’s on that list? Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Tim Duncan).

Here’s a youtube video of Griffin’s performance against the Blazers: