Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area has an article worth checking out. The other day, I linked to a Steinmetz article about the Warriors’ front office. Steinmetz posted a response on that blog entry to clarify something he had written. On the same thread, one of our readers directed a question at Steinmetz.

Steinmetz responded to the question by writing an article about the topic in question, which is an interesting one.

Here’s the original comment:

Wow, Steinmetz chimes in. While he’s at it, Matt should explain his comment on KNBR with The Razor and Mr. T. Specifically the comments that the Warriors should hire a young “black” coach. I’m curious as to why Matt believes the race of the coach should matter one way or the other. That comment blew me away…did he really say that…yes he did. Check KNBR’s site. If the coach is black, white or purple, it doesn’t matter. Just win baby.

Steinmetz’s article in response to the question is an interesting read. I won’t try and paraphrase or summarize what he wrote because I’d rather his words speak for themselves, but it’s definitely worth clicking on the link and reading his response.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

One of the best things about basketball is that — without trying to mix metaphors — the playing field is level. When you’re discussing players or coaches, the cream rises to the top. Those who can’t hang, don’t hang. Race doesn’t matter. Black, white, green, if you’re good that’s all that matters in basketball. Reputations and respect are earned on merit. Period.

Now, go read the rest of the article to find out why Steinmetz thinks the Warriors should hire a young, black coach.

Feel free to respond here or on Steinmetz’s article. What do you think about race and basketball? Is it OK to talk about it? What about the specifics of Steinmetz’s comments? Do you think a black coach, perhaps a former NBA player, will garner more respect from his players than a white coach? Even if the answer to that question is affirmative, should that be something NBA front offices consider when hiring a coach? Let me know what you think.