ESPN’s future power rankings (it’s an Insider article, but here’s the link just in case) rank how NBA teams will fare in upcoming seasons, decided by a formula made up of the following factors: players on the current roster, quality of ownership and management, the financial philosophy of the team, and future draft picks and draft positioning.

In the latest rankings, which are updated a few times each year, the Warriors made a fairly sizeable jump, moving from No. 28 to No. 21. The main reason? Why the ownership change, of course. ESPN also gave credit to Stephen Curry and his new pick-and-roll partner, David Lee, and wrote that the Warriors need to decide on the future of Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins — are they trade chips or a part of the Warriors’ core? — in order to propel the franchise forward.

Here’s the Warriors-related excerpt from the article:

Rejoice, Warriors fans. After spending a year near the very bottom of our Future Power Rankings, thanks to a terrible management rating, Golden State is moving up. Chris Cohan is selling the team, and while we don’t know what the new owners will do, we’re confident they can’t make as big a mess as Cohan, GM Larry Riley and coach Don Nelson have made. Still, the Warriors aren’t ready to join the NBA’s elite. Stephen Curry is a terrific talent, and he’ll have a solid new pick-and-roll partner in David Lee. But the Warriors gave up promising youngster Anthony Randolph to get Lee, whose new $80 million contract is also a big one for the team to carry. And lottery pick Ekpe Udoh, out for five months with a wrist injury, will be an unproven 23-year-old rookie when he finally suits up with the Warriors. In part, Golden State’s future depends on how things go with Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins, who appear to be available. Whether they are Warriors building blocks or can be traded for players that help the team fill its many holes, they are important young assets. That will be a big test for the new management team, when that team is in place.