Jonathan Abrams of the New York Times has an interview with former Warriors forward Anthony Randolph, now a member of the New York Knicks. Randolph answered a few questions about his time with the Warriors and his relationship with Warriors coach Don Nelson:

Question: Did you feel like you escaped from Golden State?

Anthony Randolph: It was a situation, I was hurt. I wasn’t getting a lot of playing time before I was hurt. I think Nellie probably saw me doing something different than what was happening. It was a learning experience.

Q. Why do you feel like the Knicks and Mike D’Antoni are a good fit?

A. He allows his players to play. In Golden State, it was kind of like a situation where he wanted me to rebound and that’s it, don’t do nothing else. Here, it’s more God has given me the natural ability to handle the ball a little bit. You can move like a guard, you can guard guys, you’re able to be put in different positions and I think I’ll be allowed to do that here.

Q. Are the styles between Nelson and D’Antoni similar?

A. There’s some of it similar. Both systems you get up and down and stuff. But I think in this system you’re a little more free to do the things you’re good at.

Q. What did your get from your experience with Golden State?

A. I tell people that ask me about that situation and they say it was all bad. I think it helped me grow up and mature a lot. Just dealing with some of the things I had to deal with and the adversities that went on there, it kind of made me grow up and allowed me to appreciate some of the things that I have and some of the things I’ll be able to do here.

Read the entire interview here.