Two questions concerning Chris Paul: Are the Warriors interested at all in pursuing him? I don’t know if they are, though I believe they should be. The only doubt I have about Paul on this roster is that it puts two starting point guards together. But I think Paul’s talent squashes that doubt. Remember when there was a chance the Warriors could get the top pick in the 2010 NBA draft? Many wrote leading up the draft lottery that if the Warriors lucked into the No. 1 selecton, that the Warriors should draft John Wall, even knowing Curry was on the roster. When a player of that talent level is available, you add him to your team and figure out the rest later. It’s similar with Paul. It’s not exactly the same because in this instance, the Warriors would have to give away significant players on the team. But Paul’s talent is significant enough that you take the chance.

The second question is a follow-up to the first: If the Warriors want to go after Paul, would their best trade offer compete favorably with the others the Hornets would receive? Remember, the Hornets want assets, a combination of players who can contribute now and expiring contracts. So, take a look at the following projected packages of players (from the Warriors and the four teams on Paul’s wish list, according to ESPN) and decide which is the most valuable offer to the Hornets.

Warriors: Monta Ellis, Reggie Williams, Brandan Wright, Vladimir Radmanovic

Knicks: Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, Wilson Chandler, Kelenna Azubuike, Rony Turiaf, Eddy Curry

Magic: Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson

Mavericks: Caron Butler, Jason Terry, DeShawn Stevenson, Rodrigue Beaubois

Blazers: Nicolas Batum, Greg Oden, Jerryd Bayless, Andre Miller, Joel Pryzbilla

Certainly, other teams not on Paul’s list could put in their bids as well. ESPN’s Bill Simmons tweeted an interesting offer idea from the Celtics: Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, first-round pick, Rasheed Wallace (waivable deal worth $11 million). If Paul is available, other teams will try and trade for him. Is the Warriors’ collection of talent and expiring deals good enough for the Hornets?