CBS Sports is reporting that Chris Paul has essentially demanded a trade from New Orleans. It’s still a rumor, but it’s starting to gain some traction. The following teams are listed as the most likely destinations for Paul: Magic, Knicks, Blazers, Cavs and Lakers.

I still say that if Paul is available, the Warriors would be crazy not to present the best offer they can put together. The Hornets will be looking for “some assets, an expiring contract and a couple quality players that can actually help on the floor in the near future.”

The Warriors might not win the Paul Sweepstakes, but they have to try. The Warriors could put together a decent package of players and expiring contracts. It would look like this:

To Hornets

Monta Ellis (quality starter that can help on the floor in the near future)
Reggie Williams (quality role player that can help on the floor in the near future + expiring contract)
Brandan Wright (athletic big man with potential + expiring contract)
Vladimir Radmanovich (end-of-the-bench-warmer + expiring contract)

To Warriors

Chris Paul
Emeka Okafor

The Warriors would blast any depth they have to smithereens. Chris Paul and Stephen Curry would still be a backcourt incapable of defending a shooting guard. Emeka Okafor’s contract is enormous. But look at the lineup:

G: Chris Paul
G: Stephen Curry
F: Dorell Wright
F: David Lee
C: Emeka Okafor
Andris Biedrins
Charlie Bell
Jeremy Lin
Ekpe Udoh
Dan Gadzuric