The big news this morning, reported first by ESPN, is that Chris Bosh has decided to join Dwyane Wade in Miami. What remains unclear is the status of LeBron James. With most expecting him to stay in Cleveland, it would be a shocking turn of events if he announced Thursday that he’s leaving the Cavaliers to join Wade and Bosh with the Heat. ESPN reports that James hasn’t ruled out this possibility.

Reacting to this news, I like that Bosh and Wade are going to play together. I think that’s a fun combination. I was intrigued by the thought of the two joining forces in Chicago, but I’m OK with Miami. It should make the Heat a very interesting team to watch next season. I think Miami will certainly be a playoff team in the East with Wade and Bosh, but I wouldn’t call them a championship contender until they get a little more help around the two stars. Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley are the only two other players on the Heat’s roster right now; obviously, the Miami front office still has a lot of work to do. After signing Wade and Bosh, the Heat will about $12 million in cap space left to sign free agents. After that’s gone, the Heat would have to sign players to minimum contracts. Bosh and Wade is a very nice duo, but they need a little more depth of talent before they can be considered title contenders. ESPN has a great video with cap expert Tom Penn that explains how the Heat could build a roster around Wade and Bosh.

If LeBron joins the two in Miami, all bets are off. They could fill the rest of the roster with a handful of the readers of this blog and the team would still be favored to win the championship. It doesn’t mean it would happen; it remains to be seen whether Wade and LeBron could co-exist and if Bosh would be willing to be the third option on a star-studded team. The biggest challenge to the three would be finding ways to avoid ego-fueled power struggles.

I’m not sure how I feel about a team with three of the five best players in the NBA on the roster. I like parity in sports and I fear that if those three joined forces in Miami and were able to share the ball nicely, the rest of the NBA would be left behind. That doesn’t make for a very fun regular season or playoffs. This isn’t like when the Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton in 2004. Malone and Payton were way past their primes and Shaq and Kobe had a deep-rooted dislike for each other. Wade, Bosh and LeBron are all at the peak or nearing the peak seasons of their careers. They’re all young and healthy and reportedly are great friends. If they avoid any ego clashes, I don’t think another team could beat them. Talk about taking any suspense out of the NBA playoffs.

So, on the record, I won’t be happy if LeBron joins up with Bosh and Wade in Miami. I’m fine with the latter two trying to lead the Heat to the NBA championship. I’d just prefer that LeBron stay in Cleveland or join Derrick Rose in Chicago.