Note: This entry has been  updated to indicate that Martin has only one year remaining on his contract, not two. Thanks to Joe for the catch. That changes the value of this trade significantly.

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress is reporting that the Warriors have offered Andris Biedrins and Dan Gadzuric to the Nuggets for power forward Kenyon Martin.

Read Givony’s tweet here.

Is this a good trade? You get out from under Biedrins’ long contract. You’re taking back a player who missed 24 games last season and has one year left on a huge contract (a player option, which Martin is sure to use). In 2011-12, the Warriors will have to pay Martin $16.5 million, but his contract is off the books after that.

When Martin is healthy, he’s a good player. He’s tough, he’s a good defender, he rebounds. He’s a good fit for the Warriors. But he played only 58 games last season. If you think Martin will be healthy going forward, this isn’t a horrible trade. Even if he’s not healthy, the Warriors will be rid of him after this coming season if he doesn’t work out. If all you’re giving up is Biedrins and Gadzuric (and not a draft pick), it’s a good trade.