I got an e-mail this morning from the Warriors announcing that they are lowering season ticket prices for all seating categories in Oracle Arena. Current season ticket holders who place a deposit on their season tickets by April 12 can take advantage of the team’s “Loyalty Pricing Program,” which decreases price totals from 8 percent to 28 percent of this season’s prices. Season ticket holders who don’t renew by April 12 can still take advantage of a price freeze on season tickets by the Warriors, meaning they can renew their season tickets for the same price they paid this season.

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In the press release, Warriors President Robert Rowell said the franchise decided to do this because it is “the right thing to do.” He’s right, and the Warriors front office deserves praise for not taking advantage of their loyal fan base. As bad as the Warriors have been for the past decade and a half, their fans have stayed loyal. They continue to purchase season tickets, continue to attend the games, continue to hold out hope that successful basketball will return to the Bay Area. The Warriors could have taken advantage of that loyalty and raised ticket prices. There would have been outcry from the media and fans, but the fans would have probably still paid to renew their season tickets. Instead, noting the current state of the team (not good) and the current state of the economy (even worse), the Warriors, in appreciation of the loyalty of their fans, made a bold and honorable move. So, this front office, which rarely receives praise for the work they do, deserves praise today. Good job.