I’m watching the Warriors-Hawks game right now on ESPN. If a game is on ESPN, TNT or ABC, I always prefer to watch the game on the national channel instead of the local network because I’m interested to hear what the national reporters say about the players and the team.

Stephen Curry is off to a nice start in this game (14 early points) and ESPN’s color commentator had a nice analysis of one of Curry’s strengths on offense. Here’s what he had to say:

“(Stephen) Curry is one of those who never really looks like he’s exerting himself in terms of a burst, but he gets to where he wants to. If he can find those seams and gaps, (he’s) very clever with the basketball, moving it around and getting it away from the shotblocker’s hands and getting it up on the glass — just such a knack for knowing how to put the basketball up there and finding ways to score.”

That’s a nice on-the-spot observation. When I heard it, I was impressed because I’ve heard commentators say almost the same exact thing about Blazers all-star guard Brandon Roy. That’s a nice comparison.