The Rockets are a first-class franchise. Their management is what Warriors fans should hope their front office can one day aspire to.

Just reported by ESPN, the trade between the Rockets and the Kings, which was already a good trade for the Rockets, just expanded to include the Knicks. And the Rockets — who had all the leverage because the Knicks needed to acquire Tracy McGrady’s $22 million expiring contract if they wanted to have the cap flexibility to go after two max-level players in free agency this summer — robbed the Knicks blind.

The Kings’ side of this deal doesn’t look so bad either. They don’t get McGrady’s expiring contract, but they still come away with Carl Landry (good player), Joey Dorsey (throw-in) and Larry Hughes ($13.7 million expiring contract, which the Knicks gave up to make this trade).

Here’s what the Rockets made out with. They send out the following players: McGrady, Landry and Dorsey.

In return, they get all of the following: Kevin Martin (all-star shooting guard), Jordan Hill (the No. 8 pick in the last year’s draft), the rights to swap first-round draft picks with New York in 2011 (the Knicks’ pick is top 1 protected), the Knicks 2012 first-round draft pick (top 5 protected) and Jared Jeffries.

The Rockets set their trade demands as high as possible because they knew the desperate Knicks couldn’t say no. Incredible work by Houston’s front office (with a possible assist to Sacramento’s management team).

After what they gave up to get McGrady, the Knicks better get LeBron this summer.