That was the most entertaining NBA game I’ve watched this season.

A loss is a loss, but it was really hard to not appreciate the entertainment on the court tonight. Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Stephen Jackson — keep naming names — they all played really well, even in defeat. They played together, they played hard, and they looked like they were having fun together on the court. A performance like this, even though it was a loss, you hope the players were able to establish some chemistry.

Brandon Jennings … 55 points from a rookie point guard. What an incredible performance! It was also nice to see Curry play well against Jennings. Milwaukee’s rookie obviously got the upper hand, but Curry had a nice game tonight.

Yes, the Warriors are 3-6. It would have been so much better if the Warriors had come away with the win. But they played well, they played hard, and it was a thoroughly entertaining game.

Here’s the box score.