I’m sorry about the lack of analysis of Friday night’s game. I’ve had a million other things going on and haven’t been able to get to it. It’s unfortunate, too, because there is a fair amount worth mentioning from the Warriors’ win against the Knicks.

Like …

Why did Anthony Randolph only play six minutes? I know that Don Nelson said after the game he played his veterans because he thought the team had a chance to win against New York, but that’s not a good answer. That doesn’t inspire confidence in your young talent. He’s basically telling Randolph and Curry that if he plays them, he has no confidence that the Warriors can win. It’s not like Randolph had been playing poorly and deserved to be benched. Let’s see if this throw-him-in-yank-him-out-of-the-lineup game continues the rest of the season with Nelson and Randolph.

Why did Stephen Curry only play¬†two minutes? I guess you could say Curry hasn’t been playing well lately and C.J. Watson deserved a shot. I can certainly live with that.

Has anybody else noticed that Kelenna Azubuike is one of the most under-noticed and underrated players in the NBA? I’m going to write more about this blossoming young star later.

Great recognition by the Warriors to attack the basket at will. They figured the Knicks would provide zero resistance … and they were right!

Good all-around game by Stephen Jackson. Keep it up until Dec. 15, and the Warriors might be able to trade this guy away.

Like I said, there was a lot to write about from the Warriors’ win on Friday. But this will have to suffice because the Warriors have another game today, and is starts in a few hours. The Warriors can still salvage a respectable showing on this road trip if they win today. The Warriors probably won’t beat Cleveland or Boston, but if they can go 2-3 on this trip, that’s not a bad result. It at least offers a little hope.

Nuggets Bucks BasketballTODAY’S GAME
Golden State Warriors (3-5) at Milwaukee Bucks (4-2)
5:30 p.m., CSN Bay Area Plus

It won’t be easy, though. The Bucks are much improved, or at least seem that way early in the season. They’re 4-2 and riding a three-game winning streak coming off an impressive win against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday. Their defense has been really good through the first six games, allowing only 88 points. It will be interesting to see which unit breaks first, Milwaukee’s defense or Golden State’s offense (109.9 points per game).

Rookie point guard Brandon Jennings has been much better than I expected him to be, averaging 20.7 points, 5.2 assists and 4.3 rebounds, giving him an early lead for rookie of the year. He’s even shooting the ball really well, which isn’t common for a rookie guard, hitting 45.7 percent from the field, 45.5 from 3-point territory and 85.7 from the free-throw line. It’s been a very impressive start to his career, to say the least. He could definitely give the Warriors guards trouble tonight, and if they can’t keep him from penetrating and cut off the lane, there could be trouble.

The Warriors will also have to try and find a way to contain veteran center Andrew Bogut. He’s averaging 15.3 points and 9.2 rebounds, including 19.5 points and 10.2 rebounds in his last four games.

The Bucks are missing star shooting guard Michael Redd, who has played in only two games this season because of a strained tendon in his left knee. That’s a bonus for the Warriors.

What will the Warriors do today? Will they build on their solid play against the Knicks? They haven’t shown the capacity yet this season to carry over good play from one game to the next. Maybe that changes today. Will Anthony Randolph see the court? Will Watson still get the bulk of the backup point guard minutes, exciling Curry to the bench? Will Jackson behave? Should be interesting.

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