Marcus Thompson II, San Jose Mercury News, has some great commentary mingled with quotes from Warriors players following Sunday’s loss. It’s a nice read. Check it out here.

In the article, Thompson writes about Stephen Jackson’s agent ripping Don Nelson, saying he wants Jax “out of there now. It doesn’t matter where.” Thompson also makes some astute observations about Jackson’s trade value and guesses that a trade won’t happen until at least December and more likely February. A nice excerpt from the story:

The reality is that Jackson is hard to move. Teams are dumping salary. Teams are storing up cap space so they can be in position to make a play on a key free agent. Why in the world would a team take on Jackson’s contract at this point?

I agree with all of that. I just wonder if Jackson’s influence on some of the young, impressionable talent on the Warriors’ roster will cause irreparable damage if they wait until December or later to ship him out. I don’t think the talent they get back for Jackson will look much different in a couple months than it does now. Jackson’s contract is a trade value assassin.