The Suns lead the Warriors 62-51. It was a pretty close game throughout the first half, but the Suns pushed the lead to double digits in the last few minutes of the second quarter.

Things the Warriors are doing well: Golden State has had good ball movement and have had active hands on defense.

Things the Warriors are not doing well: Transition defense, still not closing on shooters very well, too many turnovers.

The Warriors have 13 turnovers, including three calls for carrying. That’s not ordinary.

The biggest difference has been the fouls and free throws. The Warriors have 19 fouls, the Suns only 9. The Suns have shot 23 free throws, the Warriors 6. The Suns have been more aggressive, attacking the glass and getting into the lane at will. But the fouls and free throws have hurt Golden State.

Anthony Randolph only played 7:15 in the first half. He had 4 points, 2 rebounds and an assist and block. I’m not sure why he didn’t play more.