cc0107_Warriors_TuriafLoose.jpgTwo sources are reporting that Ronny Turiaf will start in tonight’s season opener against the Houston Rockets.

That means the Warriors’ starting lineup will be:

PG-Stephen Curry

SG-Monta Ellis

SF-Stephen Jackson

PF-Ronny Turiaf

C-Andris Biedrins

Anthony Randolph said he will be coming off the bench. What I’ll be interested in seeing is how many minutes Turiaf plays. I don’t think Nelson will play him more than 25 minutes tonight, even though he’s the starter. I think Randolph (again, this all hinges on how that back is feeling) will play more minutes than Turiaf, probably around 30. I can’t wait to see what Nelson does with his lineup tonight.

For all we know, he could change his mind five minutes before tipoff and put Randolph or Maggette there. We’ll see.

Here are the links to the two stories reporting the Turiaf news:

From the San Jose Mercury News:

From the San Francisco Chronicle: